Friday, May 27, 2011

What could you do with $470 in coupons?

These pictures are just a two trips from the three weeks of shopping

Wow a three week run. I posted my first two weeks in previous posts. Now a catch up for the next three, where the savings, thanks to a triple-coupon run at Harris Teeter, soared into orbit, and left me a little brain taxed. Not to mention miffed at the inability of stores to plan for major events and keep shelves stocked.

Think I'm buying something not on my list? Oh I don't think so. I'll hit all the locations in town, I don't mind coming back the next day. Too much? Burning too much gas? NOPE, not when I'm saving way more than I would use to fill my tank for a week.

Anyway, back on track -- after my first two posts - I decided not to list all the items I purchased. For starters, there's just way too many, and I'd rather take the time researching more coupons. And answering the occasional 'do you need.....?' questions from my girlfriend scouring the internet for more deals.

Scouring the internet is her job - if only she could get someone to pay her. For now, I'm more than content with her price matching, coupon printing, deal finding point and click -- it's sort of her super power. Clark Kent ran into a phone booth and came out as Superman. Mild-mannered Allison plugs into the web and becomes SuperClipper Girl. Forget leaping buildings in a single bound and laser vision -- that girl can spot a coupon from 200 yards.

I just crunched the numbers again, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Three weeks of grocery shopping, were I dumb enough (and I have been most of my life) would have left me with a bill of $508. Ummm. that's a rent payment - half a mortgage - a couple car payments or about 10 months of basic cable. I never thought much of coupon shopping until I saw the numbers. Now I can't believe I was ever so stupid.

After savings cards and coupons, that $599.41 grocery bill, I paid only $127.33 for. Coupons and cards took $472 off my bill. WOAH!!!

Next up Thanksgiving... Say what? Dude it's MAY!!!

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