Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner for free - part 2

Here is the menu (as of now) for Thanksgiving dinner 2011. As I continue to write, I'll include recipes, tips and tricks. But for now I'm focusing on the meal and the shopping list.
   Of course we need the turkey - this may be the one item we pay a little more for. Though with some careful planning it's possible to get the turkey for free too. More on that later.
  I like to marinate my turkey (if you haven't you should give it a try, it's the most tender juiciest bird you'll ever cook. So to that effect we'll need: turkey, kosher salt, pepper, oranges, lemons, onions, chicken broth, and thyme.
   (the next post will be a check list.

  Mashed potatoes - potatoes, heavy cream, salt, butter (or butter substitute).
  Broccoli Casserole - broccoli, cream cheese, bread crumbs, sour cream, salt, cheddar cheese.
  stuffing - bread crumbs, oysters, onions, celery, seasoned salt, pepper, butter (or substitute).
  Gravy - all purpose flour
  butter beans and corn - butter beans, corn, seasoned salt, butter, pepper.
  Cranberry sauce - cranberries, oranges, sugar
  Pecan pie - pecans, karo syrup, sugar, butter, pie crust
  Cherry Cheese Cake - cherry pie filling, pie crust, cream cheese, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla flavoring
  toasted green beans - green beans, bacon, salt, red bell pepper, pepper, craisins.
The following are few optional items for consideration:
  Twice baked potatoes - potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, chives, butter, salt, pepper
  Deviled eggs - eggs, mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, mustard, salt, pepper, paprika,
  potato salad - potatoes, mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, mustard, eggs, salt, pepper, garlic powder.
  stuffed peppers - bell peppers, hamburger, rice, cheese, salt, pepper.
  stuffed-fried peppers  - Pablano chili peppers, hamburger, cheese, pancake mix, peanut oil
I'm sure I've left something out - but that's the early version of the list.
Of course, we'll need plates, cups, utensils, foil, plastic wrap, napkins,

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